Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, it's the one year birthday of Purgatory on Absolute Write, which by the way, was started by our own Cindy Pon. How fitting, since her delicious new book was just released two days ago!! In Purgatory (perfect name) it seems many of us are deep into the subbing process, while some are just getting our feet wet (i.e. me) and others are still in query hell, trying to snag the elusive agent, which is where I was just a few weeks back. All of us waiting, hoping, praying and waiting. Did I mention waiting??

It's a place of truly dedicated writers who love what they do, give constructive criticism, support in the form of, "Man, that rej. sucks!" to "Congratulations on your awesome deal!", as well as cool people who simply "get it".

BTW: No Anons allowed...sorry!!! :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Silver Phoenix -- Just Released -- Cindy Pon

My friend, Cindy Pon, just released her new book!! She is a newcomer to the publishing world and a fabulous one at that. Just released yesterday, Silver Phoenix is getting five star reviews and flying off the shelves!! I just ordered my copy yesterday!! Can't wait to gobble this one up!

From Kirkus Reviews:
"Ai Ling is a well-developed protagonist, from her shyness to her great love of food (leading to plentiful mouthwatering descriptions of meals). This fantasy heroine, who shows her spunk with quiet self-determination instead of swordfights, headlines an appealing magical adventure set in a refreshingly non-Western milieu."

Things are a brewing...

This is my first official blog post. My writer buddies have all had their blogs for some time now, but I've held out till I could hold out no more! I finally got my wonderful agent, Mr. Craig Virden, from Nancy Gallt Literary and I couldn't be happier. From our first correspondence back in October 2008, he was the agent I desperately wanted! The phone call came out of the blue on April 17th, 2009 and I think I may have screamed in the poor man's ear! Thank you Mr. Virden for taking me on and my little fantasy novel about an unusual group of rats!

Of note: I just finished my new MG novel this week. I'm so excited to dive into the editing and send it to my agent! Man, do I love saying that!