Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't Be a Mad Turkey Cat!

Turkey Cat is angry. He's rather irritated that his guests are not sharing in the holiday joy as he so obviously is. Don't be a Mad Turkey Cat! 

I know it's hard to not stress about the holidays. Whether you're traveling across the country, going to your not-so-favorite in-laws house, or cooking for twenty plus guests, it's easy to get stressed during the holidays rather than be thankful for what you have. 

If you've been trying to get published for a while, it's easy to get down on yourself this time of year. I know I sure did and I regret it so much. One thing to remember, if it was easy to get published, everyone would do it. It's not easy. NOT. AT. ALL. So, if you're doing it, that means you love it. That's the first battle won right there. Also, not every book is a winner. It doesn't mean all your books are losers, it just means not every book you write is going to strike a chord with an agent or editor. You could write just one book and it will land a deal. You could write ten books and not one garners even a request for more material. Don't give up. You heard me! DON'T. GIVE. UP. And you know why you should never give up, because that would be too easy. Rejection hurts. It hurts our egos. It hurts our dreams. It hurts our hearts...but let that hurt strengthen your resolve.

In a sweet potato filled nutshell, this is a time to be thankful that you have the guts to try. You've actually put your soul into something and then put it out there for the world to see--to critique--even to reject...but you're still here and you're still kicking, so keep writing. Giving up is not an option. If you do I will send Mad Turkey Cat to your home and mind you, he is not declawed!

'Nuff said. 

Have an awesome Thanksgiving! Let your crazy family inspire you or at least entertain you! :)


Friday, November 16, 2012

The Most Adorable Agent EVER! ;)

So, I finally met Marietta last weekend, my agent extraordinaire! Here we are at the Hancock building. You can see Lake Shore Drive behind us. We had a great day and Marietta and my kids and husband got along great. I think my daughter, Nomi, was about to sneak into her purse and fly home with her. :)

I always get a lot of questions from people about my agent. What I can tell you about Marietta Zacker? She's super down-to-earth, hilariously funny, a burst of energy, and LOVES what she does! A while back, Marietta held a Q&A on my blog. Anything you ever wanted to know about her taste in kids' books is there! She's likes blueberry pancakes too, though I don't know if that's a helpful tip. ;)

Happy Friday, everyone!  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Please Pass Syrup?

I signed with my agent, Marietta Zacker of Nancy Gallt, back in 2009...gosh, that sounds like a long time! I'm here in the City of Big Shoulders and she's in New Jersey. We both have nutty schedules to boot. That said, we've never had the chance to meet after all this time.

Lucky for me, Marietta will be speaking at the IL SCBWI conference this Saturday, and on Sunday, her and I will finally meet! Somehow she's convinced I'm very tall, but I'm not, I just wear very tall shoes! ;) 

Long story short, I can't wait to meet her. She's taking my family and I out to breakfast and my four-year-old, Nomi, will be impressing her with her Spanish the whole meal and probably won't let me get a word in edgewise, but that's okay, because I feel so lucky to finally thank her in-person for all she's done for me!

So, please, pass the syrup! :)