Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Do People Find Your Blog?

A Google Rat Muppet, can't believe I found this!
Number one & two Google search term used to find me: "Hilary Wagner" and "Hilary Wagner Author" Okay, good! That's a great sign right?

Number three Google search term used:  "Nightshade City" or "Nightshade City sequel". These are relatively equal in terms of usage. Another good sign! People are looking for my book AND Book II! LOVE THIS!

Number four Google search term: "Marietta Zacker"
Makes perfect sense! I rave about my agent and I'm glad people get to know more about her through me.

This is where things get, well, weird...

Number five search term used (and mind you, this term comes up NUMEROUS TIMES A DAY):

Ha! Yes! I never knew how popular rat tattoos were, but apparently worldwide they are highly sought after, from NY to the Netherlands, people find my blog everyday searching for rat tattoo designs,  primarily because of Omar Rayyan's (NC's illustrator) fan tattoo of one of Nightshade City illustrations. It's incredibly cool to have one of your book's characters on someone permanently! I wonder if the guy below donning that awesome tattoo actually read the book or found the illustration online--super cool either way!

Omar's illustration and the resulting fan tattoo!

You gotta love it! So, any odd search terms used that cause people to pull up your blog time and time again? One time, someone Googled, "spooky dead guys and hair balls" and yes, my blog came up! Don't ask... ;)

xoxo -- Hilary

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nightshade City Paperback out TODAY! :)

I really don't like what she did
with this scene...utter drivel.
Nightshade City has its paperback debut today! Thanks to everyone who has supported me through this whole insane process! Because you can't predict sales (as much as we'd like to), you never know if a hardcover is going to make it to paperback, so I was really happy when my publisher gave me the news! I haven't seen the paperback yet, so I'm pretty excited to see my book in a new format! Also, to anyone going to the BEA next week, be sure to pick up an ARC of THE WHITE ASSASSIN at the Holiday House booth!!!

Paperback Link:

xoxo -- Hilary

Monday, May 16, 2011

An Inspiring School Visit to Hufford Junior High!

My inspiring audience!
Just last week, I had the awesome experience of visiting Hufford Junior High to talk about the NIGHTSHADE CHRONICLES and speak to over 900 kids! Can you imagine--NINE HUNDRED?? It was such a fantastic experience and the kids were just inspiring! I even got to meet a few kids who'll be at the Young Authors Conference this weekend where I'll get to speak again!

The greatest display EVER and a very sweaty me!
It was a mere 90 degrees in Chicago the day of my visit!

Karen Eaves, Hufford's wonderful Librarian, was such a great hostess. She even put together a whole NIGHTSHADE CITY display! She included Ramsey's house (complete with the gargoyles), the earthworm tribe, and even Nightshade City and its rats! I was so honored that she made it and I must have snapped a million pictures!
Can you see the rats under the house and the little earthworms?
Karen thought of everything!

I want to give a colossal thank you to Ms. Eaves for inviting me, organizing EVERYTHING, and creating the lovely Nightshade City display. I'd also like to thank Karen Glowicki, for setting up my presentation in the auditorium and doing all that lovely technical stuff, as well as the Principal, Anna White, who was just so gracious. Last but my no means least, thank you to all the students! What a fantastic group of kids! Hooray for Hufford!!!
I'm going to say this is Vincent and Victor mulling things over underground! :)
Love these little guys!
See the gargoyles on the roof? Karen got the house so right!
A most inspiring day!

xoxo -- Hilary