Friday, July 29, 2011

The White Assassin Book Trailer is HERE!!

Without further ado, here is the official THE WHITE ASSASSIN Book Trailer, courtesy of Steven Spielberg! Okay, that's last part about Steven Spielberg is NOT true, but hey, it was sure fun to say! 

xoxo -- Hilary

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facebook Cat is a Known Liar!!

Now Facebook Cat has to fake his picture on yet
another network. He is not happy....
So, like everyone else (okay, almost everyone else) I was excited about Google+...for about five whole seconds. Is it a cool new tool? Sure. Is it a major pain in the neck to now have THREE different sites to look for your friends and reach out to your network? COMPLETELY! 

Last week, I quickly noticed a dramatic decrease of activity on my Facebook feed, though it has gone back up a lot in the last few days, which leads me to believe that others are as sick as I am of having to jump around. I'm sure they'll build a tool wherein you can be on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter all at once, and already there are a few tools that allow you to link your Facebook and Google+ accounts, but the ones I've come across (and yes, they work) have known security issues.

Hopefully, someone will buy out someone soon, and this post will become obsolete! I'm hoping for a hostile takeover! ;) So, I've just decided I'm not going to care anymore and post where I want to post, because in the grand scheme of life social networking is the last thing I want to be annoyed over. After all, isn't this stuff supposed to be fun??? 

xoxo -- Hilary

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Typo Cat found a split infinitive in his latest novel.
He is noticeably upset.
I LOVE TYPOS! Okay, no, I don't love them at all, but I'm certainly guilty of them. Now that THE WHITE ASSASSIN will soon be making its merry way to the printer, I get very nervous about typos in the printed book.

I had one really obvious typo in the NIGHTSHADE CITY hardcover, wherein "food" was printed in the book when it should have been "foot." Yes, that one made me cringe, (especially when it was not in the galley) and was of course corrected in the paperback.

In all my years of reading books, I'd say over a third of the books I've read have had some sort of typo(s) in them, and it doesn't matter how big or small the publisher is, or if the author is a bestseller or a debut--they're there. I don't mind them at all and I actually like finding them. After all, we're only human and when a book goes from writer to editor, back to writer, back to editor, off to copy editor, back to editor and writer, off to printer, back to copy editor, back to editor, then off to readers, and back to editor, and then, FINALLY, off to printer...mistakes happen! Wow, I'm exhausted!

How do you feel about typos? Do you give a little smile and move on or do they make you annoyed?

Come to think of it, there is probably a typo in this post, but just ignore it--if you can! ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Angry Writer Monkey Wants Advice!

Okay, so maybe Angry Writer Monkey was just a ploy, but now that I have your attention, I have a lot going on these days, to the point where it can get overwhelming. It got me to thinking about what my agent told me about this time last year. Nightshade City was coming out in a few months, and of course, as a debut author, I was terrified about reviews, sales, and everything in between, to the point where I was getting a little nutty. To sum it up, she told me (nicely) to shut up about it and keep writing. She said the writing is what matters. If you don't have've got nothing! She didn't actually tell me to shut up, but you get the point. Now with every step, with every new manuscript, hurtle, triumph, or even defeat, I go back to that. And as writers, this rule applies to everyone, no matter what stage of the publishing journey you are at.

So, what's the best writing advice you've gotten? It doesn't have to be something monumental, it can be a small tip that ended up changing the way you write or maybe something that was really encouraging to you. I think sharing advice (good and bad) is important. And with that in mind, feel free to share your words of wisdom! :)

xoxo -- Hilary

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back By Popular Demand...HOPE!

Like most writers, when I was searching for an agent, I devoured every agency's website, I googled until my fingers yelled at me, and I endlessly scoured the writing boards and forums for the skinny on agents until my head throbbed. Why? Because that's what we have to do in order to land an agent.

I still have subscriptions from the forums, which alert me via email when someone posts on certain agency's threads---the ones that I was waiting for feedback from. A while back, I received an alert from one of those threads, because a new post had come through. The poster, a writer of course, was down and out because she'd received a call from this agency a couple months back. The agent she spoke with was very excited about her writing and told her she'd hear back from her right after Bologna, which sadly she never did, even after sending a few gentle email nudges she's gotten no response. Even though this post has nothing to do with me, my heart sank when I read it, because I've certainly been in her shoes. When you want something so badly, the waiting turns from nagging to all consuming. Even with family, friends, jobs, it's hard to think about little else.

Well...I have hope.

Some of you know, Craig Virden, Nancy Gallt's husband was my original agent. He was a wonderful man and a powerhouse in the publishing industry and it was a great loss to everyone when he passed away last year. Well, Craig was the agent I desperately wanted. You know what I mean...THE agent--the one. He'd had my requested full for what seemed like forever and a day (or about 6 months), I'd sent a couple email nudges hoping for an update, but with no response. Then finally a letter from the Nancy Gallt Agency arrived at my home. I nervously opened it, my heart beating like a rabbit's. What did a find? A rejection from Craig. Mind you, the nicest, most personal, genuine rejection anyone could ever get, but a rejection all the same. So there it was. What did I do? I immediately starting writing. He told me to send him whatever I had "moldering" in my desk that he might like. So I picked up the pace on a manuscript I'd been working on, finishing it about a month after his rejection--right after the 2009 Bologna, where he happened to be.

That's when I got the call. It was Tuesday. Just after returning from Bologna, Craig called me out of the blue. He'd changed his mind. He couldn't stop thinking about NIGHTSHADE CITY and wanted to represent me. He said he didn't care about the market and that my book needed to be published. The rest you know.

So, please, to this writer and to everyone else who's struggling to get published, keep having hope, even if you're down to your last agent or have subbed your third manuscript with no bites--keep having hope. Strange and wonderful things happen every day. Trust in whatever it is that forces you to be a writer. There is a reason why you're here.

xoxo -- Hilary