I love visiting schools, libraries and other organizations. I speak to both kids and adults about my books, my road to publishing, and any and all things related to writing!
My advice to young writers, if I can do it, why not you?

Schools and Libraries
Presentation 1: MAKE YOUR ANIMALS REAL! Students will learn how to get to know their favorite animals and make them come to life on paper. Presentation will include group writing exercise (each breakout group is assigned an animal to write about) and an educational and funny slide show! This presentation is geared to help children with characterization in writing and will include a Q&A. 

Presentation 2: CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD! This presentation is geared to teach kids how to create their own special world where they get to make the rules! Is your perfect world under the ground like the world of my rats? Is it up in the sky, under water--on the moon? This will include a group writing exercise (each breakout group is assigned a unique location) and Q&A.

Presentation 3: Your Choice! What are your students or group most interested in learning about? I can tailor a visit to meet your needs at no additional charge!

Presentation 1: THE NOT SO SCARY QUERY Query letter breakdown, get that agent to ask for more! Figure out how to make your query letter effective and what might be missing in it. Writers are encouraged to bring their query letters for critique. Learn how to deal with rejection and use it to your advantage. Q&A to follow. 

Presentation 2: YOU CAN DO IT! Hear my road to publishing story and realize you can do it! I entered the publishing world knowing nothing. I wrote what I loved on a dare and it paid off! My road to landing my agent was a wild one, but when all was said and done my dream came true! We'll discuss the Agent/Writer relationship, the process of working with a professional editor and doing your part to make your debut successful. Q&A to follow. 
Presentation 3: MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS JUMP OFF THE PAGE! You can have a genius plot-line, but if your characters don't stand out, neither will your story. We'll discuss character building and how to create multi-layered characters. Writing exercise--how to make an intriguing character simply by answering some simple questions about yourself. Q&A to follow. 

Honorariums for 2014/2015
Chicago area Schools (including all area suburbs)
School Visits: One presentation: $350, Two presentations: $575. Three or four presentations (full-day): $700. Honorariums may be shared among schools for visits performed on the same day.

Out-of-town visits accessible by car (drive from 2-3 hrs): $900. Honorariums may be shared among schools for visits performed on the same day or sequential days.
Out-of-town visits requiring air travel/overnight stay: $1200 (in addition to hotel/airfare). Honorariums may be shared among schools for visits performed on the same day or sequential days.

Depending on need, all above rates are negotiable.

Virtual Visits via Skype
Comprehensive Visit Length: 30-40 minutes with Q&A.
A virtual visit is $125 for each session, $225 for 2 sessions in one day. $350 for 3 
Virtual sessions in one day (i.e. to different classrooms or groups)! :)
Please make sure your organization has the proper equipment for a Skype visit before booking.

For any international visits, please email me with details at