Thursday, July 2, 2009

Full Circle (almost)

I started NIGHTSHADE CITY, exactly two years ago today. I just read the first page I wrote, on this day, two years ago, and the radical difference from then to now took me aback. It was supposed to be a children's short story, something for the wee ones, but that was not to be its fate. Soon after I started, the writing immediately shifted to a full on novel.

At the time, I was a few months pregnant with my daughter, Nomi, who is well over a year old now. I finished the novel one month after she was born. It's nice to think that she was literally with me through the whole process. My son, Vincent, was only four, now he's six and thinks he's quite the grownup! I wrote NIGHTSHADE CITY for them and it blossomed into something to share with everyone. They are both characters in this novel and possibly the sequel, but I'm keeping that part quiet for now!

My husband, who reads military and espionage novels, never fantasy (except for all of mine), genuinely liked the first draft, even though its changed dramatically (for the better) since then. He used to tease me and say it was the pregnancy hormones, so I better write fast; because there's no other way he'd enjoy a kid's animal fantasy so much, definitely not his cup of tea! He has been a wonderful inspiration. He is honest and creative and gives me fantastic insight. On top of that, the poor man has to read all my edits and re-writes, plus he saw me through the whole agent process, which every writer knows is an agonizing one. Over the years, I've invested massive amounts of time into my writing and my husband has invested massive amounts of help and support, so thank you, Eric! You are the best! Your wife loves you!

So, here I am almost full circle. I have my agent, who is great in every way. Two of my manuscripts are on sub and in the hands of editors and I'm absolutely thrilled to see what happens next!

xoxo -- Hilary

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  1. Lisa Weber7/07/2009


    You know I've been reading your stuff from the start! I see you getting published soon...really soon. When I buy your books at B&N I can tell the store guys, "Hey, I know this best selling author!" They'll be like, "Sure you do, crazy lady!" Please post when you get your deal. I know it'll be soon!



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