Monday, September 21, 2009

"Hey you, I'm a Writer!" Business Cards

So, I ordered my "I'm a writer" business cards today. What fun! I have to say, the back side is my favorite, love that line about some book coming out. What was it called? Oh yeah, NIGHTSHADE CITY! Ha, ha! I really adore these cards. I think they really show who I am and hopefully the kind of writing you're in for with me, creepy, but fun! I may be going to the IL SCBWI conference in November, so I figured I needed something to give out other than scraps of paper with my name scribbled on them in purple and orange crayon. Please note: My phone number is not 555-5555. I felt a little weird posting it for all to see...but what an easy number that would be to remember!!

Alright then, plenty of work to do on Edwin!

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. Marly Wheeler9/21/2009

    This are very Tim Burtonesque! Like them a lot!

  2. Your card is adorable! I have to get a new one made since mine sucks and none of the info is current. Yuck.

    But now I am inspired.


  3. I LOVE it. That's the greatest little graphic, and I think it suits you perfectly!

  4. Oh, they look lovely! I really like them! Did you design the background, or did they have it?


  5. Great job .... be sure to bring some down to Florida ... can't wait to see you!!!!! This is all very exciting and we're thrilled for you. Keep up the good work.


    Susan & Tom

  6. So, I'm in the process of ordering business cards and I did a google search for author business cards (to see examples/figure out what info to display/etc) and who popped up in my google search? YOU!

    I saw the name and was like... hey, I know this girl!! LOVE your cards :-)


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