Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WRITERS: It's All About YOU Day!

So, last week I got to have my "Big Fat Contest" and it was loads of fun! I met some new writers and hopefully connected you guys with some new ones too! In that same spirit, this post is all about YOU!

The concept is simple: Tell the blogging world who YOU are! Name, rank and serial number, soldier! All you have to do is leave a comment with your name, or pen name, whichever you prefer, a link to your blog and/or twitter and facebook, and last but not least something cool, funny or weird thing about you! Your mission, should you so choose to take it: Follow one fellow blogger who comments on this post, that's it!

Example: Clearly, you all know my blog link or you wouldn't be here! My name is Hilary Wagner (pretty sure you caught on to that too!). I'm HilaryWagner1 on twitter and HilaryWagner1 on Facebook as well. Hmmm...something cool, funny or weird about me...I have a habit of dismembering Twix bars when I eat them. I gobble the layer of chocolate on the sides first, and then I go for the layer of chocolate and caramel on top, with a goal of keeping the bottom cookie portion intact, saving it for last. I get instantly bummed if I break said cookie, while extracting the top layer, ruins my candy bar eating mojo! Okay, so that's not really cool, but clearly weird, you get the drift! Ha, ha! Here's something that I think is pretty cool. When I was little I got to present an award with Minnie Pearl. You know, the cute little granny with the tag on her hat? Her real name is Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon and she was a big star of the Grand Ole Opry and Hee Haw! She was just the sweetest lady ever and calmed my little girl nerves about presenting an award in front of a few thousand people! I think that's pretty cool.

So, in summary:
Your Name:

Your Blog/Twitter/Facebook link(s):
Something cool, funny or weird about YOU!!!

And lastly: Follow one fellow blogger who comments on this post!

Oh, and keep writing!

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. YAY I'm the first one.

    I'm Patti Nielson (
    You can follow me on facebook and twitter under the same name.

    Something weird: When I check out at the grocery story, I group my grocery on how I want them to be bagged and get very upset when the cashier doesn't do it, although I never say anything.

    I'll be back to follow once other people comment.

  2. Patti, we are so cut from the same cloth!! Ha, ha! That bugs the tar outta me! ;)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  3. I'm Laura Pauling. or click on my name above.
    I twitter under my name too.

    And, when i'm at the computer I always play with something - a paper clip, a hair clip, or a twist tie. Something that I can take apart. I carry them around in my pockets too. It's a bad habit.

    Thanks Hilary!

  4. Hi, I'm Gabi Stevens
    You can find me at Facebook and Twitter under this name and at my web site at and blog site at
    Interesting fact (who? Me? Interesting?) I hate, hate, hate when people tip back in chairs (You'll fall and hurt yourself.)

  5. I'm Rena Jones and I live in Montana. My blog is @ and I go by "Rena Jones" on Facebook. I write picture books and middle grade stories.

    Something weird about me -- I was sleepwalking once (something I don't normally do) in Las Vegas and I left our hotel room and wandered around. I found myself outside on the lawn of the International Hilton and saw Elvis getting out of his helicopter. True story, though my family never believed me.

  6. Hey Laura!

    There are far worse habits to have! I think paper clip fiddling is a safe and acceptable vice! ;)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  7. Gabi, my old boss is a chair tipper and one time fell on his bootay! It was so funny!

    Rena, that is the coolest story ever! OMG! That is awesome and sounds like something that should go in a book!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  8. Anonymous4/14/2010

    hey, good idea. :-)

    i'm s. s. michaels (no, i'm not a ship), aka @slushpilehero in the twitterverse; my blog is and it's open 24/7 so drop in & leave a comment! funny/weird? um... nothing really comes to mind. :-) except, oh, i know -- that one time my best friend and i were in the new orleans times picayune for being beaten in a 10k by a bunch of slugs pulling a wagon. (yeah, well, we had backpacks full of beer, so there!)

  9. you are a mess.


    Hello. My name is Jen. Jen K Blom. My funny fact - I got to know little miss Hilary as I subbed to her publisher! And my possums kicked her rat's behinds.


  10. Hello Hilary and all...
    I'm Christopher S. Ledbetter and I live In Wilmington, NC. I am a writer of historical fantasy with romance thrown in for good measure.
    Twitter- @OfKingsAndGods

    Cool/Funny/ Weird: I once rode the Apollo's Chariot roller coaster at Busch Gardens 21 times in a row!

  11. Todd Newton, here. California native living in Colorado. I blog on, love to write Fantasy, and I'm @tdnewton on Twitter.

    My weird/funny/cool thing is that I have three sets of tattoos, all kanji. One reminds me to be a better person, another reminds me to be a smarter person, and the third reminds me how chaotic a year 2005 was.

  12. Thanks for doing this, Hilary. I'm a middle grade writer and my book, Wildfire Run, will be released September 1st by HarperCollins. It's about the President's son trapped at Camp David during a forest fire. You can find me on Twitter by deegarretson and my blog is

    Something weird about me: I'm obsessed with plants and know hundreds of obscure facts and Latin names for them. My family wants to hide when I start to lecture on one.

  13. Great idea, Hilary! I know we all struggle with the idea of shameless plugs and hope we're not spamming the hell out of people. It's nice to have a place to do it without guilt!

    I'm a romance writer. You can find me at my website or Facebook ( - or twitter as CheekyWench! What else... OH, my blog (which I seriously need to update.)

    I'm hopelessly addicted to chewy, sour candy. I've been known to eat Sour Patch Kids or Chewy Sweet tarts until my tongue is raw. It is a problem that might require a 12 step program.

  14. Slushpilehero, everytime I see you kame I think of that Juke Box Hero and I sing your name to it!

    JKB! You are just a snot! Ha, ha!

    Christopher, I might just lose my cookies reading that! 21 times? Sheesh!!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  15. T.D. I like tattoos very much. I just picture myself when I'm 90 and have a swift change of heart! Ha, ha! :)

    Hey Dee! I love plants, but I'm a plant hit woman, unintentionally of course! I have a black thumb!!! ;)

    Cheeky, I adore Sour Patch Kids, even though they tear the roof of my mouth apart!!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  16. Anne Gallagher, I write romance in the Foothills of the Piedmont North Carolina. You can find me at

    Weird fact - I have a pencil point still stuck in my knee when I was running up the stairs in 5th grade. Went to the hospital, they took it out but the black spot is still there. Well, I'm sure it's not the point itself but it's still black and it looks like one.

    I followed Cheeky Wench.

  17. Thanks Hilary – great idea!

    Name: Jayne Ferst
    Blog: A Novice Novelist
    Twitter: @jayneferst

    I used to write about quirky London history and for a feature about London’s lost underground rivers, ended up donning heavy duty waders and being winched down into a sewer. I remember waiting to be lowered into the pitch-dark thinking what on earth am I doing?! However the sewer was actually one of the lost rivers and wasn’t used for the smelly stuff, and down below the city I discovered the most amazing Victorian architecture that no-one ever gets to see… It was definitely an experience!

  18. When I'm 90, I'll be in so much pain and too crotchety to care about my appearance ;) And yet, I'm sure people will still take one look at my forearms and ask "What does all that mean???"

  19. Hey thanks for all the new follows! I appreciate it. :D I've been following back as quickly as possible.

  20. Hey, how fun..I already know a few of the comment-ees .. er...comment-ors??


    I'm Tess Hilmo
    my first novel comes out with FSG/Macmillan next year -- it's a MG murder mystery set in the south, 1957

    something weird about me? hmm.. I have two sisters named Debbie Ann (half sisters, but still!)

    cool idea, Hilary!

  21. Fun Post/Idea, Hillary!

    My name is Lola Sharp and I am a writer of Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Thriller/Suspense. (doesn't that sounds like I'm at some kind of Writers Anon. meeting?)

    I can be found at

    I surf every summer morning. I read 1-2 books/day. And I eat Cocoa Puffs for breakfast every morning, washed down with copious amounts of coffee.

  22. Hi Hilary, and everyone reading!

    What a fun idea, so here is my rollup:

    My name is Victoria D. Morris, which is how you can find me on Facebook. On Twitter I am vdmorris27 My blogs are listed on my Facebook homepage, as well, I have a fan page for the Fantasy Series I am writing and beginning to query out to agents/publishers, with book One: Prophecies in its second stage of revisions. The Page is Destinies of Mirnth.

    I am simultaneously rewriting and drawing all of the illustrations for each of its 54 chapters, as well as working on designs for its upcoming website release.

    Something weird of exciting about me: I like to eat Reese Peanut butter cups with Orange Juice. But NOT while writing. Only then do I drink Pepsi, or McDonald's Sweet Tea, I'm totally addicted to it (have some right next to me now. :-) )

    Something exciting could be from high school years, as I drew more often then, I met several Professional sports players, mostly National Hockey League players, and have artwork I have drawn All over the world through them, including in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    Thank you, Hilary for this fun way to get to talk about our books, and see your excitement too! BTW...there are some little ratties in my series...I think you would ;like them! :-)

  23. Very cool idea, HIlary!

    I'm ChristaCarol Jones, I write young adult, my twitter is @christacarol, blog is

    Like Patti, I group my groceries by how I want them bagged. I also, every now and then, pretend the kids and I are in a musical and we go around talking in song. Very fun :P

  24. Another fun post. I'll play along.

    Name: Crimey (I blog anon to protect my family from utter embarassment).


    I write crime fiction and commercial fiction. Weird thing about me: I'm addicted to cheese. Not really. I dream about it all the time. :)

  25. What a great post - shameless! I love it. The most shameless plug is my book title below!

    I'm Elaine - I love writing, it is the only thing I like more than reading. I write for YA and MG readers. My romantic fiction has to have action in it and my action has to have heart.

    I live and work NEAR EDGWARE, sixteen miles from the centre of London.
    twitter: elaineamsmith
    facebook: I'm there too - elaine smith (lots of Donnellys lurk there, too)

    Weird fact - My weird fact makes it look like Anne Gallagher and I are twins but removed by distance - I have a black spot on my knee which is not a spot at all. In my first year of teaching I went to the stockcupboard for paper, knelt to remove it from a lower shelf but ... impaled my knee on a drawing pin!It went all the way in and planned on staying there. It took two teaching assistants (in hysterics) and the Head (who was not finding it quite as funny) to persuade me to pull it out and put on an insulatingly, small band aid. As I am still scarred, I think I was right with all the drama, hopping,knee cradling etc

    I'm following everyone :)

  26. @Lola, I'm your newest fan :)

  27. Hillary, this is such a cool idea!

    Okay, so my name is Sherrie Petersen and I blog at A lot of people seem to think that my name is Solvang. It's not. It's just the name of the town where I live in California.

    I'm not even sure why I made that the name of my blog and I keep thinking I should change the name, but so many people already know me as Solvang Sherrie. *sigh* So there's my weird thing. I answer to Solvang or to Sherrie. But I prefer Sherrie :)

  28. Can't remember where I found this but Twitter was involved. Cool idea!

    Name: Valerie Valdes
    Blog: As the Moon Climbs
    Twitter: lastsyllable

    Weird fact: For about a month or so, I kept a beer review blog... but I don't drink beer! I just made copious notes when my friends sampled new brews and wrote everything up so they could remember what they liked and why.

  29. This is too fun! :-)

    Name: Mindi Scott
    Twitter: @mindi_scott

    Weird fact: After watching DISTURBING BEHAVIOR (a Katie Holmes horror lite film) and THE SIXTH SENSE at age 22, I had nightmares for over a year and was afraid of the dark. I had to take a flashlight with me if I had to go to the bathroom at night.

    I was finally (mostly) cured by watching every episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

  30. Piedmont, I know someone else that happened to! The little black dot is still visible. That is just bizarro!

    Jayne, I'm so jealous of you! I'm researching the sewers of London right now for a new book! I would love to have that experience! Oh, The Great Stink is so exciting! Ha, ha! Very cool!

    Tess, that is weird! What the heck are the odds of that???

    Lola, I'm extremely jealous of your life! 1-2 books a day? I'm lucky if I get 1-2 books read in a month (or maybe much longer)! 

    Victoria (Mommy Says), Hmmm...peanut butter and OJ, don't know about that one! Ha, ha! When I was pregnant with my son I put mustard on virtually everything, even salad, so who am I to talk? ;)

    Christa, that's so cute. Your kids must think you are the most fun person EVER!!!!

    Crimey, I love cheese too! I know this sounds bizarre, but make a pizza with Munster! It's the best pizza I've seriously ever had in my life! My hub and I are hooked!

    Elaine, Yikes! That's crazy! When I was in school, I was working in our common shop, making a wood frame for my latest painting (art major) and I staple gunned my finger to the frame with an industrial staple gun! Both prongs went in my finger through my fingernail and out the other side! Still nothing like your ordeal! I get woozy just reading yours! 

    Go TD and Cheeky!!! Follow, Follow and follow!

    Sherrie, I think Solvang Sherrie is incredibly catchy! Whenever I see it, I KNOW it's you!! 

    Valerie! That's too funny! I wonder what made you do that, since you don't even like beer! I guess someone sober had to write the good beers down! ;)

    Mindi, I saw Silence of the Lambs and was absolutely paranoid and terrified at night for the next six months! That was a little too real for me! I like monster flicks, because I know they are not real. Anything with real people freaks me out! Oh, and Buffy RULES!!!

  31. Name: Giles Hash
    Twitter: @gileshash

    I'm a YA Fantasy writer and I dabble in Sci-fi Mysteries.

    Weird fact: when music (especially singers or stringed instruments) are out of tune, it makes the muscles in my neck and between my shoulder-blades itch like crazy.

  32. Thanks for the networking boost, Hilary!
    Name: Samantha Bennett
    Twitter: @SammieBennett
    Weird Fact: I dressed up as dental floss for Halloween as a seventh grader. My costume involved a white turtleneck, painted box, and rope in my hair. My friend dressed as toothpaste. :)

  33. Samantha, that is the most adorable Halloween costume story I've heard in my entire life.

  34. Do 'almost' authors count? My first book doesn't release until June... so I'm almost an author, right? hehehe.

    Hi, I'm Brindle Chase, a soon to be published author of Paranormal & Contemporary Erotic Romance. There's not much to see at my website until June, but there is a free read available. Check me out at I'm also on facebook and blogspot (links available on my site)

    Thanks Hilary for the chance to promo myself here!!! You gorgeous thing you!

  35. Okay, here I go.

    Name: Lindsay
    Twitter and FB: Both on my blog.
    Weird fact: When I was eight I saw a clip of Nightmare on Elm Street. It was the scene where Freddy pulls Johnny Depp into the bed and the blood squirts onto the ceiling.
    It freaked me out so much I wouldn't put my feet to the middle of the bed for weeks. I still can't bring myself to watch those films either, although I can always recall the scene.

    Now I'm off to follow one of you:)

  36. Hi my name is Doug Solter. My experience centers more on screewriting, however I just finished the second draft of my first YA novel.

    Interesting fact about me: I once directed a music video for Dogg Pound rapper Dangerous Rob which made its debut in Los Angeles.

    Thanks Hilary for the opportunity to promote ourselves!

  37. Giles, that's so weird! You must have a 6th sense for detecting bad music!

    Samantha, my dad and brother are both orthodontists! They'd love that! I went as a fried egg one year! ;)

    Brindle, many congrats on your upcoming release! How excited you must be! June is like right here! I have to wait until October and I'm already flipping my lid! :)

    Lindsay, Freddy movies are horrible! I also can't stand Michael Meyers! OMG! At least Freddy talks! MM is the scariest nutbag ever! Say something already, ya freakstore, gah! ;)

    Doug, that's super cool! I once touched the shoe of the lead guitarist from U2. I felt pretty darn cool! Yours is WAY cooler! :)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  38. Good idea :)

    I'm Jemi Fraser.
    Twitter: @jemifraser

    Weird tidbit: hmmm... I really, really hate socks & shoes. I much prefer to walk around barefoot. If I can't, I wear running shoes. About the only places I wear fancier shoes are weddings and funerals. :)

  39. Hilary,
    What a fun (and generous) idea for a blog post.
    So here's my info:
    I have the pleasure of blogging with five other amazing children's authors who are also writing teachers at .
    I'm also at Facebook as:

    I couldn't think of anything weird about me until I read your first comment--I not only put my items in the order at the checkout, I also arrange my grocery list in order of how I go through the store. So I get REALLY annoyed when they rearrange store aisles, which grocery stores have a way of doing.

    I also want to share that next week we will be celebrating our first Blogiversary at So I hope you and some of your followers will stop on April 22 to celebrate with us.

  40. Awesome. And we don't even have to feel rude! Thanks!

    Let's see, I'm currently finishing a final draft of my first mystery novel, Amontillado, and you can order some of my stories on the Kindle or via my website.

    An interesting thing about me: Once upon a time, I was an elite gymnast, and while I'm writing I frequently jump out of my seat and walk around on my hands. It's easier than writing. Seriously.

  41. Hilary, You are one amazing person. I too do my grocery list according to where it is located in the store. Writing away New Childrens Book "The Nurse Mares Foal" The Story of Dinky. A sweet, sometimes sad and funny story of our little rescue foal, who turned a year old on the 7th. Has in the first 4 months of his life, before the adoption was sold, shipped and resold 4 times. Poor thing. Thank you for this. I absolutely love your page just beautiful. Marta Moran Bishop

  42. Thanks, Hilary -- love reading all these fun facts and seeing everyone's blogs!

  43. Hilary, what an awesome idea! I'm Nicole Ducleroir, in real life and on Blogger. Hubby and I speak to each other in three languages: English, French, and Sango. We've lived together on three different continents, too.

    Visit me at!

    Looking forward to meeting you :))

    Thanks again, Hilary!

  44. Hi I'm Lydia and a relatively new blogger...

    Weird tidbit? Sometimes wearing shoes and socks makes me claustrophobic.

    Thanks Hilary for the idea! Now i'm off to follow some of these blogs!

  45. Salutations! (Admit it everyone, you've all loved saying that ever since you read Charlotte's Web!)
    My name is Faith Hough and I write MG and YA historical fiction and fantasy with historical flavor.
    My "writing" blog is:
    and I also have a book review blog, if any of you under-contract folks ever have extra ARCs lying around, want to do an interview, etc.:
    A funny thing about me...I love wearing pigtails. And I wish I could knit really well just so I could layer up in cool leg- and arm-warmers...chunky sweaters...hats...fingerless gloves. For now I have to search really hard to find ones that other people made.

  46. Oh...and I used to never win anything, but I won this really awesome contest last week... ;) Thanks, Hilary. You rock.

  47. What a cool concept, Hilary! Thanks :) I'm Zoe, a freelance copywriter who writes marketing copy and author press kits by day and who works on my horror novel by the rest of the day. You can find me at and

    Random fact: Once an aspiring jazz pianist, I went to a performing arts high school where I once got to participate in a master class with Wynton Marsalis :D (Realized I'd rather write than play music when I found myself skipping rehearsals to write bad stories in the high school computer lab :)

  48. Jemi, I don't know how women survive in tiny little heels all day! It looks like torture and would be on my size 10 dogs!

    Carmela, of course I'm coming by your blog for your anniversary! Do all humans have a grocery store hang up? So many people do!

    Kevin, shut up! That is so cool! I can barely stand up without falling over, so walking on my hands is not in the cards for me! Go you!

    Kat, oh, your story sounds so sad! I hope the writing goes well! Poor Dinky!

    Rena, I like it, because I somehow feel better knowing I'm not the only weirdo writer out there!

    Nicole, what is Sango? I've never heard of it! I speak French too (and not well). I took 14 years of it!

    Lydia!! I loathe socks! Yes, they make my feet claustrophobic! Even if it's freezing out, I cannot sleep with them on! Sock haters unite!!!

    Faith, oh, go to Etsy! I spent a small fortune on two handmade sweaters! Ridiculous, but worth every penny! My daughter wore her first pigtails today, so it's so funny you brought that up. She looked soooo cute!

    Zoe, that's crazy! So you were at a "Fame" school? I was such a drama nerd, I would have loved that! So very cool and cool job too, lucky you!!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  49. Fun, Hilary!!!

    I'm Casey McCormick. I write YA!

    I blog:
    I tweet:

    An odd thing about me is that I'm really sensitive to smells. I get an instant headache from new tire smell, strong perfumes, and pungent food smells. I also cannot stomach the smell of old sponge or craisins (no headache at least). Ha!

  50. My name's Ted, though on the web I often use Knight_Tour, as both a take on my other life as a chess player and a world traveling diplomat. I've won the US Amateur Chess Championship (ok, tied for 1st) and played chess against four world champions. I've lived in 6 countries so far (US, Russia, China, Croatia, Iceland, and Azerbaijan) and visited around 40.

    I write fantasy and science fiction ( and am currently editing my first novel.

  51. Casey! Hey there, lady! I totally understand all your smells that give you a headache, barring the Craisins! I don't eat them, so I don't know how they smell, but that's crazy, girl! Now if it were cauliflower... ;)

    Ted, that is so cool! Wow, Russia, Iceland? I'm very jealous! I would love to explore other countries and not just by a 1 or 2 week visit, actually living there! And congrats on your massive chess wins! Growing up, my older brother thought he was pretty awesome at chess, so I would have loved to see you kick his bootay!!! Ha, ha! ;)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  52. What a fun idea, Hilary! I'm going to have to come back to this post and visit the new blogs I see on here!
    I'm Kelly Polark. I blog at
    Weird fact: My kids tell me I'm weird almost daily. :) I tell them it's more fun than being normal.
    Cool fact: I love concerts, and tonight I get to meet and see one of my fave bands!

  53. Hilary, I just wanted to add my thanks for creating this opportunity to learn about and network with everyone!

  54. Anonymous4/15/2010

    Awesome opportunity, thank you Hillary!

    Blog: hevindester's blog

    Twitter: Follow Me!

  55. Anonymous4/15/2010

    Hey, I totally forgot to include something weird.

    When I was a child, I would imagine that chocolate chip cookies would be at war with milk in my stomach, after I ate them.

  56. Oh, Kelly, sounds like so much fun! My night consists of leftovers, kids and Survivor!

    T.D. You are so very welcome!

    Hevindester, those cookies probably were at war in your stomach! Sounds like you were born to write!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  57. Great idea, Hilary! Thanks so much for this opportunity to connect with other writers.

    I'm Scotti Cohn and I have three blogs:

    Cool fact: Paul McCartney (yes, THAT Paul McCartney) stepped on my foot outside EMI Studios in St. John's Wood (London) in 1968.

  58. My Name: Voidwalker
    My Blog: Into the Void
    My Something cool, funny or weird: I once used a vaccum to... oh wait, you don't wanna know that. Um, I like the color blue? Does that count? ;P

  59. Hilary, ha I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments. Yeah, that Twix thing is pretty weird.

    Name: Karen Strong

    My blog: Musings of a Novelista (

    I haved a collected a penny for each of my life -- so uh, I have a few pennies. I added the 2010 penny to my collection recently. I keep them in a jar on top of my refrigerator.

  60. Hi Hilary, I've just found your blog via Rena's. This is a great idea.

    I'm an Australian illustrator and library officer trying to make it as a children's writer.
    My blog:
    I'm on Facebook as Katie W Stewart.

    Something cool, funny or weird about me: When I was a kid, I once cooked my Dad some pancakes as a special treat. They'd have been okay, if I'd remembered to put eggs in. No, I'm not a good cook.

  61. Scotti, Oh my gosh, that's so cool! THE Paul McCartny! Did you ever wash that foot again?? :)

    Void, I'm glad you didn't tell more about the vaccum...this is a kid friendly blog! Ha, ha! :)

    Karen, that's really cool. I'm not what you call a "saver", so good for you, something to give to your kids! I was wondering when someone would mention how weird the Twix thing is! ;)

    Kate, I just checked out your illustrations. On your pets and animals page,the little puppy, his face looks almost real! I want to reach out and pet him! You have a knack for the furry ones! Love your work! :)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  62. I'm a bit late to the party, but here I go:

    My name is Talli Roland (@talliroland on Twitter). Blog:

    I write chick lit and I love cupcakes. And wine. And coffee. And sticky toffee pudding... you get the picture! :)

  63. Talli, oh my gosh, we so have to hang out! You had me at cupcakes!!! :) YUM!!!!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  64. Haha, Hilary, who said the vacuum story wasn't kid friendly? I just said you probably don't want to know LOL... I know you write about rats, but you gotta get your head outta the gutter :P

  65. Hey girl, what a cool idea. I read it the other day but didn't get a chance to respond, it's been a busy week!

    Name: Karly Kirkpatrick
    Twitter: karlkirkpatrick
    also on Facebook, so check me out!

    I write YA fiction and am currently dabbling in Flash Fiction, which is posted on my blog every Friday.

    Interesting fact...I speak fluent German.

  66. Hey Hilary! Late to the party...very busy week at work!

    I'm DL Hammons and my blog is Cruising Altitude I have a Facebook page, but I rarely go there. I do lurk on Twitter every now and again, and I'm DL_H over there.

    My weird fact is that I have no sense of smell. Seriously. And yes, I can taste. :)

  67. Dear Hilary,
    Thank you so much for this opportunity for us to read about our fellow writers. There are so many fun stories to read here.

    It's also cool that you got to present an award & meet Minnie Pearl. I've seen pictures of her & she looks like a very kind person.

    My sympathies are extended to DL Hammons who posted at 7:17PM about having no sense of smell. I use my sense of smell so often because I've studied aromatherapy and know how helpful plants are in altering one's mood. But, there is an advantage to being unable to smell since you can't detect unpleasant odors.

    My blog is:
    My blog that deals with aromatherapy is:
    I can be found at Twitter here:
    I'm really new to Facebook and I use my own name there also: Lisa Maliga. Not sure of the exact link. [Will be getting a Facebook reference book so I can navigate that site].

    I have many weird facts, but 1 that stands out is seeing Michael Jackson on Hollywood Blvd. It was back in the early 90s & it was around sundown & I'd just rounded the corner from Vine St. when I encounter a tall thin man wearing a flashy military style suit. I was surprised to see him. He also struck me as being very lonely.

  68. Hilary, I read this when you first posted but blogger kept booting me off. :) Hopefully it will work this time.

    My name is Charity Bradford and I write a science fantasy mix. Light on both sides. I like to relate on an emotional level with my writing. My blog is My Writing Journey and I am on Twitter Here and Facebook as Charity Broeringmeyer Bradford. (Wanted my school buddies to find me, but I never use my maiden name. Who wants to type or write all of that?)

    Something strange about me? Most of my oddities are common to writers, so I'll pick something unusual from my childhood. As a teen I lived in a trailer in the woods without running water for three years. Yeah, now it seems weird, but at the time I still invited friends from school over. They thought is was like a camping sleepover. Goes to show that sometimes kids aren't as mean and judgmental as we think.

  69. I eat Twix exactly the same way... but great idea! So... um... hi everyone, I'm obviously late to the party, but my pen name is Lena Surbonwey, yes I'm on twitter:

    Web: (author)
    and (personal)

    Names: Cipherqueen (CQ is fine), Lena, Lauren, though I'd love it if someone called me Crystal...

    Something strange about me: I almost always replace butter with salt, yet never use pepper.

  70. Oh, and I guess I should probably include the fact that I'm young, but not ignorant. I specialize in graphic design and advertising, so if you ever need a hand... ;D

  71. Anonymous4/17/2010

    Hilary, How fun! I hope I'm not too late to the party. Either way, I love finding new blog friends. There is so much great information out there!

    My name is Lynn Simpson and, yes, I do get called Lisa alot. You can find me at and my twitter name is cr8stories (I don't hang out there as often as I would like). To try to be less generic, I go by Lynn Janine Simpson on Facebook.

    I'm a part-time student of writing and currently I write short stories and essays, aiming for the literary magazine market. However, lately I have been enjoying romance writing too.

    Something strange: Whenever I come home from traveling(like today), whether near or far, it takes me 2 days to recover from what feels like a hang over even though I didn't drink a drop.

  72. Void, I'm actually writing a scene from Nightshade's sequel, and yes, it's in a gutter! ;)

    Karly, Oh, very cool! German is a hard language to learn! I can't even speak Pig Latin!

    DL, I dated a guy w/a very limited sense of smell and practically no taste! I suppose the lack of smell thing is not a bad thing many a time, but not being able to taste would stink. Although, it would make dieting easier!

    Hi Lisa, Minne Pearl was such a doll. Everything you'd expect her to be! I can't believe you saw Michael Jackson! How crazy that must have been. I once saw William Shatner, but unless you're a huge Trekkie, I doubt most people would think my sighting as awesome as yours! ;)

    Charity, Blogger has been acting neurotic the last couple weeks--Spring fever I'm guessing! Wow, if anything, your 3 year experience, must have made you a great writer! I would have come to see you for sure!

    Cipher, Yay, another weird Twix eater! ;) I am a pepper fanatic and only put salt on fries, that's it! I'm super salt sensitive--can taste it a mile away! BTW: I'm a painter,, I WISH would have majored in Graphic Design, so go you!

    Hi Lynn! Welcome! Lynn is my middle name! I'm the same way about traveling! I agree, two full days is what it takes me too! One day to relax, the next day to get my head back in the game! I need a vacation from my vacation! ;)

  73. Hilary, thanks for the fun post. I've been out of town visiting family and was glad to see the internet again. I'm Christine Ramirez Boone. My blog is I'm on facebook as Tina Ramirez Boone. I freelance and write YA fiction, picture books and poetry.

    Something weird: This is related to my OCD more than anything. I scrub my dishes before I put them into the dishwasher. And, when my in-laws come to visit, they usually try to help and wash things by hand, which I then go back and put in the dishwasher when they're not looking.

  74. Christine! Oh no! My mother-in-law scrubs the dishes so clean before she puts them in the dishwasher no one in our family can ever tell if the dishwasher is clean or dirty! We love her, but man, does it drive us nuts! Whenever she comes over now she puts a note on the dishwasher that says "clean" or "dirty"! That's no joke either! ;)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  75. Name: Theresa Milstein
    Interesting thing about me? I watch some bad reality TV. Right now, the worst is LA Ink. And I'm a substitute teacher.

  76. Christopher Gerard

    Weird/strange perhaps...took my daughter for her first driving lesson at night in the snow.

    Love your site!

  77. Goodness! How fun.

    I'm Hanna C. Howard,
    I (newly) blog at

    and can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

    I write YA.

    Weird fact: I hiccup four or five times a day--but only every few hours, and always only once. Also, I occasionally smoke a tobacco pipe. (Maybe they're interrelated?)

  78. Hi Hilary! Late to the party, but I just have to join this very cool conversation.

    I'm Toby Speed, I've written 7 books for children and am now working on my first book for grownups -- a murder mystery called DEATH OVER EASY. You can catch me at:

    My website:
    My blog, The Writer's Armchair:
    and I'm just sticking my toe in the pond of twittering, but haven't ventured in yet:

    The cool thing about me is that I was once afraid to fly, but I learned how to fly a plane to overcome that. It was also important research for my novel! Now I can do 4-point rolls and fly upside down.

    What a lovely, wonderful site you have, and congrats to you on your upcoming novel.



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