Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Mayhem is coming!! MIDDLE GRADE WRITERS...You have been warned.

The Manic Minds of Middle Grade Writers

So, a group of us manic middle grade authors have come together to form PROJECT MAYHEM! Think Fight Club with way less blood and little to no swearing! We wanted to create a fun blog where both writers and readers of middle-grade books can gather and maybe learn something or at the very least have a good laugh! We are asking you all to give us a follow or even stalk us, whatever works, so when we have our first official post, we'll be rockin' and a rollin' with a great group of middle-grade enthusiasts!

Project Mayhem Team Members will be talking about writing for middle-graders, reviewing (you guessed it) middle grade books, giving away signed copies of said books, spotlighting some killer indie bookstores and hoping you'll all join us as our books debut one by one! Our blog is all about being positive and helping ALL writers succeed in this nutty publishing world of middle-grade mayhem!

Our first "official" post will go up this Monday and will feature Dee Garretson, whose debut middle-grade novel, WILDFIRE RUN, releases on August 31st!!! She will be talking about the book and her writing AND give away a signed hardcover of her fantastic novel!

TEAM MAYHEM (in order of release):
Dawn Lairamore, IVY'S EVER AFTER, 5.15.2010
Dee Garretson, WILDFIRE RUN, 8.31.2010
Adam Jay Epstein, THE FAMILIARS, 9.7.2010
Andrew Jacobson, THE FAMILIARS, 9.7.2010
Hilary Wagner, NIGHTSHADE CITY, 10.01.2010
Tim Power, THE BOY WHO HOWLED, 10.26.2010
Rose Cooper, GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS’ ROOM, 1.01.11
Jen K Blom, POSSUM SUMMER, 10.2011
Marissa Burt, THE TALE OF UNA FAIRCHILD, 01.2012

Please share this post and the PROJECT MAYHEM link and follow are blog!!! We need your support to get this blog going! ;)

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. Anonymous8/19/2010

    Woo Hoo! Can't wait!

  2. I just put my post up! I'm so excited and the site looks fantastic!!

  3. OMG this is awesome, I can't wait!

    Hilary--I know I've been a very bad blog follower, not stopping by NEARLY as often as I should--but I'm going to try to be better because you and your book are teh awesome. Not to mention there just aren't a lot of MG writers in the blogosphere. Hopping over to the new blog NOW! :)

  4. Great idea! Just signed up to follow.

  5. Love it! Bring on the mayhem!

  6. GREAT! This is just up my alley!

  7. Picked up a copy of your book today. :) Only one left on the shelf in Waterloo, Iowa....

  8. Thanks for everyone's support! Middle-grade writing needs way more attention! Kid's books rule!!!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  9. That's awesome Hilary. I so agree that middle grade books and authors need more attention. I'll definitely be following your new blog.

  10. What a great idea. I know you'll hit it out of the park!

  11. This sounds great! I'll be there.


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