Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Winner of the Great Book Giveaway is...

Hooray for Sarah!

Sarah loves to read as though it is breathing. She is a junior in high school and lives in Washington! Her blog, Sarah's Random Musings, is all about books, both middle-grade and YA! I highly suggest you give her a follow! She is a veteran book reviewer and one of her favorite movies is Sixteen Candles, so how could you not love this girl?!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I love hearing about everyone's favorite books. It's so nice to know books can be life changing! ;)


  1. Congratulations Sarah! (And Hilary I want to say I finished Nightshade City and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!)

  2. Congratulations to Sarah! And thanks for the link to Sarah's Random Musings. I'm on my way over now. : )

  3. Congratulations to Sarah! I hope she enjoys all those lovely books. :-)

  4. hi miss lilary! big hooray for sarah for being the winner. for sure she gonna have lots more books she could review for on her blog.
    ...hugs from lenny


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