Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Do People Find Your Blog?

A Google Rat Muppet, can't believe I found this!
Number one & two Google search term used to find me: "Hilary Wagner" and "Hilary Wagner Author" Okay, good! That's a great sign right?

Number three Google search term used:  "Nightshade City" or "Nightshade City sequel". These are relatively equal in terms of usage. Another good sign! People are looking for my book AND Book II! LOVE THIS!

Number four Google search term: "Marietta Zacker"
Makes perfect sense! I rave about my agent and I'm glad people get to know more about her through me.

This is where things get, well, weird...

Number five search term used (and mind you, this term comes up NUMEROUS TIMES A DAY):

Ha! Yes! I never knew how popular rat tattoos were, but apparently worldwide they are highly sought after, from NY to the Netherlands, people find my blog everyday searching for rat tattoo designs,  primarily because of Omar Rayyan's (NC's illustrator) fan tattoo of one of Nightshade City illustrations. It's incredibly cool to have one of your book's characters on someone permanently! I wonder if the guy below donning that awesome tattoo actually read the book or found the illustration online--super cool either way!

Omar's illustration and the resulting fan tattoo!

You gotta love it! So, any odd search terms used that cause people to pull up your blog time and time again? One time, someone Googled, "spooky dead guys and hair balls" and yes, my blog came up! Don't ask... ;)

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. Spooky dead guys and hair balls--that's hilarious!

  2. I know, Rebecca, right? I always wonder (and worry in some cases) what the person was actually looking for! ;)

  3. LOL, yeah, I have a lot of tattoo oriented searches, too. Post one time about tattoos...

    And I guess I must reference The Hunger Games a lot, because there are lots of weird THG searches that lead to my blog. Hey, whatever works, right? ;)

  4. The biggest search word is my name but after that "crying"! And I'm a positive person, but I had ONE post about books/movies that make you cry! Also lots of rock band names bring people to the blog. Then they see the middle aged mom, scream and run away. :)

  5. I once wrote a post about a twelve year old boy that said he couldn't believe Percy Jackson hadn't kissed Annabeth until the last book. And I notice that post still gets a lot of hits because apparently a lot of people Google "Twelve Year Old Boys and Kissing."
    Cong-rats on all the success! I know, I'm cheesy.

  6. You made me curious so I checked and the weirdest one is "piss writer" *scratches head*

  7. I have no idea how to check which terms people use to find me on Google, but now, you've got me interested. Undead Texas Ranger? Lakota Bear? LOL.

    I love your book trailer. Wendy Tyler Ryan did two magnificent ones for me -- they're at the top of my blog if you're interested. I wish you high sales on your new book, Roland

  8. I have been holed up doing revisions. Finally coming out! But I love your new blog look. It's perfect. And great post.

  9. Tere, whatever works!!! :)

    Kelly, you seem like such a happy person too! Too funny!

    Anita, you are not cheesy! Maybe a little corny, but not cheesy!! ;) ;)

    Nicole, yeah, that's a weird one!!!!

    Roland, thanks! I have to make a new one for my upcoming book. More work! I'll be sure to check yours out!

    Christina! Thanks so much! I thought the blue was very calming! I crave "calming"! ;)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  10. Most of my visits come from my name or the names of people I've interviewed. I can't wait for your next book to come out!!!

  11. How do you find out about this? *scratches head* I can't figure out how to do it. lol! :)

    (and btw, that tatoo is awesome!)


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