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This is Lenny's sunshine from his blog, Lenny's World!
This little sun has become quite famous!

I'm spreading Lenny Lee sunshine today! Today is Lenny Lee Fest! Myself and a gang of other writer buddies are spreading the word about this fantastic kid! If you don't know him, I can tell you Lenny is about the sweetest kid you could ever meet AND he's an aspiring young writer! Every since he's read Nightshade City, he's been sending me emails and he and I have become good friends. He always tells me, "Rats Rule!" So, in honor of Lenny and our friendship and of course, LENNY LEE FEST, I have a special post for him today! Below is a scene from THE WHITE ASSASSIN! Book II of the Nightshade Chronicles AND there is a super secret special surprise in Book II only for Lenny, but he'll have to wait to see that!

If you'd like to know more about Lenny and why he's so special, please follow his blog here! There will also be lots of other Lenny Lee posts today, and if you Google "Lenny Lee Fest", you'll find them all, although you probably already know most of these great writers already! 
So, here it is kiddo! We love you, Lenny! 

 The Parchment, scene from THE WHITE ASSASSIN
"There he is," said Suttor, "over there."
            By now, all of the young Council members had wandered into breakfast and had been told of Juniper's secret.
            They watched in silence as Oberon took his plate of food and strode through Burnstock Hall, proud as a peacock, as if inviting everyone to look upon him.
            "He's as garish as that obnoxious red cloak," whispered Clover.
            "How did he ever get elected to the Council?" asked Oleander.
            "He's exceedingly bright," said Vincent, "that much I'll give him. He's brilliant with numbers and measurements and with Nightshade growing so big, Virden needed help and said Oberon was the rat for the job. The library, the city square, they were architected by Oberon."
            "He architected his election as well," added Victor. "By the time he was done gloating to the citizens about all his good works in Nightshade, you'd have thought he single-handedly built the place. Needless to say, he won by a landslide. He's as clever as a country cat."
            "Which makes him as dangerous as one," said Carn, "especially when he has everyone's trust."
            Picking up the parchment, Clover and Oleander had shown them, Vincent nudged his brother. "C'mon then."
            Oberon had chosen the center seat at the center table in Burnstock Hall. Surrounded by family's known throughout Nightshade, families who would re-elect him. He fawned and smooth talked all the while, constantly praising Cole's wife Lali, now Nightshade's head cook, calling her food a national treasure. Given his ever-growing waistline, Vincent was sure that was the only thing Oberon was honest about.
            The Nightshade brothers stood behind him for a moment, listening to his shameless flattery. "Oh, I do say, Lali's sausages are as good or better than anything I ever had when I lived in that Topsider's restaurant. I told you about that, didn't I? Why Lali's a master chef," and, "What? You say you've gained weight, Missus Nelson, why you're as fit as a fiddle--still turning heads as great-grandmother!"
            Vincent cringed, then leaning down, tapped Oberon on the shoulder with the scroll and grinned broadly.
            Looking up from his meal, Oberon gave a greasy smile. "Well, as I live and breathe, the famous Nightshade brothers, fighters for freedom and equality among all rats--the heroes of our time!"
            The others smiled admiringly at them. Vincent nodded, but quickly returned to business. "Oberon, there is something my brother and I need to talk you about." He tapped him again on the shoulder, this time making sure he saw the scroll. "A Council matter, if you please."
            Seeing the scroll, Oberon's eyes widened. He dropped his fork to his plate, biting his lower lip--clearly panicked. "Oh--I see..." he said uneasily. He noticed all his supporters staring at him. Quickly, his bravado returned. "A Council matter? Of course, I've always got time for that, young Nightshade." Trying not to look nervous, which only succeeded in making him look more nervous, Oberon awkwardly stood up, knocking the table with his belly in the process. "I'll be back momentarily. Duty calls, dear friends."
            Glaring at him, Vincent motioned over to the table where the other young Council members were seated. "This way, Councilman." Hesitantly, Oberon obeyed.


  1. Ooo, a special glimpse into Book II! I'm sure Lenny will appreciate this.

  2. YES! All my favorite rattys are back.

    Hi Lenny!

  3. Thanks, Theresa! I'd have posted the whole book, but I don't think my publisher would have appreciated that! ;)

    Ha, ha!

  4. Matt, and bats, and snakes, and perhaps a wild boar or two!!!! :)

  5. Hi Hilary - seems funny writing to me?! Must be a story there ...?

    Lenny will love this - I can see the animals strutting their stuff, or quietly sinking into their feathers or fur ..

    Great fun - have a good weekend .. and that's fantastic that Lenn emails you re suggestions for your books .. cheers Hilary

  6. Thanks, Hilary! I saw your comment come up and thought, wuh? Hilary's Rule! :)

  7. Lenny will love this...I sure did. :)

    Have a happy weekend, Hilary.

  8. I absolutely loved this! Lenny will...I know. A wonderful story here, yanno? He's got great suggestions and a great heart. We love you Lenny!

  9. Okay, so now I want more. :) Awesome. Very intriguing. It's great that you're sharing this with Lenny.

  10. Great excerpt and tribute to Lenny. He's the coolest!

  11. Very cool. So cool to see all the blogs sharing the Lenny sunshine.

  12. That's great! It's special for you to share that for Lenny.

  13. Anonymous6/03/2011

    I am relatively new to the blogging world, but already know this is one of the coolest things I'll ever come across in its confines.

    Pure goodness from a purer heart.
    Well done.

  14. What a special treat for Lenny--for ALL of us--Hilary! I can't wait to read The White Assassin and see what Lenny's surprise is! :-)

  15. Love the sneak peek for us and Lenny!!

  16. Awesome--a sneak peek! Great idea, and I know Lenny will be happy to hear there's a surprise waiting for him in the book too! You rock and so does Mr. Lenny!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  17. I joined in the Lenny Lee fest with a picture that I thought would make him laugh. And it was special that you included a surprise for Lenny in your new book. Have a great weekend, Roland

  18. Anonymous6/03/2011

    Thanks for sharing an excerpt. Lenny will enjoy this! And a surprise just for Lenny in book II? How AWESOME!!

    Susanne Drazic

  19. I can't wait for The White Assassin to come out and for Lenny to see his secret surprise. He's going to love it.

    (I can't wait to read the whole book too, Hilary.)

  20. Awesome! And I just realized I have Nightshade City sitting on my TBR stack for the summer!! I need to get to reading it...! :)

  21. Another awesome post for Lenny! Thanks Hilary!

  22. Lenny will love this Hilary!!! He is an incredible young man. =)

  23. Love reading a peak. And Lenny sounds awesome.

  24. Congrats on the cover for Book II and now you have us all wondering on the super secret surprise for Lenny in it ...

  25. What a special treat for Lenny!!!

  26. Wow, Lenny will love this! And that's so cool that he reached out to you about your book. Happy Lenny Lee day :-)

  27. A sneak peek -- very cool!


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