Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Rhythm of Words or Why I Write Better Than I Dance!

I've found something out about myself. I'm what you'd call a Rhythmic Writer, which is ironic, because I'm an utterly tragic dancer (think of the zombie dancers from Michael Jackson's Thriller video).

I'm a firm believer in the rhythm of words and how they form our thoughts, eventually becoming sentences in our books. I'll write a sentence over and over, until I finally feel that its right--that it flows effortlessly off the tongue, or through your mind as you read it. I'm not sure if that means I write more with my brain or my gut. It just has to feel right.

How about you?


  1. I think I'm a lot like you, although I'm not sure if I'm a Rhythmic Writer or not. I will re-write sentences until I feel they flow off the tongue. There have been times when I've spent an hour re-wording one paragraph only to change it the next day. It's part of the curse of being a writer; we want every word to be the right word so that every sentence flows with the story.

  2. Cherie, that sure sounds rhythmic to me! Hopefully you dance better than I do! ;)

  3. Great minds think alike Hilary. check out my latest post on my blog -


  4. You can tell you are a rhythmic writer and that you try and try until it is right.
    You write so beautifully, Hilary!!

  5. Anonymous8/25/2011

    When novel writing, I write straight through. Then I do a minimum 5 edits, until every sentence flows its smoothest.

  6. I've been thinking more and more about the cadence of the words as they flow from my fingers to the keyboard. For a while, I tried to suppress it, for fear of sounding too adult when writing my 1st person teen narrator. But I wasn't being true to my own personal style, so I'm glad I stopped.

    Great post, and cute thriller kitties. ;)

  7. I totally agree. Sometimes a sentence just doesn't sound right, even though there isn't anything gramatically inoorrect with it. Also love the cat thriller pic!

  8. I completely agree! I don't know much about grammar, but I can usually tell when a sentence isn't right! Sometimes it just flows wrong, or the words aren't right.
    Anyway, awesome post!

  9. Jack, I think that's the 2nd time that has happened with us! :)

    Kelly, you are so my new BFF!!! You are so nice! :)

    Suz, that's a great tactic. Wait until the end to do your magic! If only I were that patient! ;)

    Tere, yes! I think that's the best lesson I ever learned. Writing in our own voice! And yes, Triller Cats rock! ;)

    Anita, yes, some sentences just sound clunky to me. I need flow! :)

    Jess, me neither! I'd rather read a sentence that grammatically had a quirk or two, but read beautifully in my head! ;)

  10. hi miss hilary! for sure you got de riddim! :)for me i read my stuff out loud and if i get tripping ove the words or my tongue gets tangled for sure i gotta write it lots better.i love thse cool thriller cats.
    ...hugs from lenny

  11. Anonymous8/28/2011

    Cute thriller cats!

  12. Lenny, I trip over words too! Even when you're a full fledged adult, writing is tricky! I trip up stairs too! ;) Big hugs!

    Susanne, are they not adorable?? :)


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