Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bookanistas Review, The Danny Dragonbreath Series!

In 2010, while at the International Reading Association Conference  in Chicago, I was handed an ARC of Dragonbreath, Curse of the Were Wiener, by Ursula Vernon. Okay, so the title got me right there. I mean really, could there be a better title for a book? I think not.

So I brought this colorful ARC home to my then seven year old, who was immediately taken with the cover, not to mention the cool graphic style of the illustrations.  My son is the epitome of a reluctant reader. A book that's 10 pages long is 10 pages too many. So when he saw the ARC, he looked through the entire thing, pouring over the illustrations, then quite casually, put the 100+ page book on a shelf to let sit there for some time.

Over the last two years I've gotten him to read a few of the Wimpy Kids, small sections at a time, for school reading and my own piece of mind.

Just last month he had his first real book report due in school. The kids had to pick one fantasy book, talk about it in class, listing specific plot points, making a drawing of the main character and asking the character a list of questions.

So, my son came home freaking out over his project and what he should write about. He went to his enormous shelf of unread books and picked up a few that were very thin and not fantasies. I pulled out the Dragonbreath ARC, told him to sit down and start reading. After a few typical moans and groans he began reading...and reading...and reading. My husband got home from work and he was still reading. He read in his bed that night and then picked up the book as soon as he woke up and read some more, finishing the entire book sitting in his bed that morning.

My son read an entire book in one day! MY SON!

These books are witty and fast paced. Danny and his cousin Wendell are always getting into some sort of trouble with ninjas or sea monsters or were wieners (of course) and the graphic novel style of these books will appeal to any kid, reluctant or not.

This is his actual book project from last month.  

He got 100%!!

My son's questions for Danny Dragonbreath:
Are you happy being a dragon?
What's it like to have a tail?
Does it hurt to breathe fire?
Are Were Wieners scary?
Do you like school?

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  1. I love the look and the sound of those books, a Were Wiener with Dragonbreath issues. Great fun.

  2. Sherry P4/05/2012

    My daughter loves this series!

    1. Sherry, they're just great. I'm so glad we discovered this gem of a kid's series!

  3. I love hearing stories like this! Finding that 'home run' book is so important in turning a kid into a reader. Sounds like your son found his book! :)

    1. Yes, a home run! My husband came home from work absolutely mystified when he saw my son sitting quietly on the couch, reading away! ;)


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