Saturday, June 27, 2009


My contract from the Nancy Gallt Agency arrived in the mail yesterday! It's been an exciting week, with potential great news on one, possibly two of my manuscripts, so praying more than ever! Opening the agency contract last night made things all the more exciting! My husband even took a picture of me holding it, which I may post if we ever download the three million pictures on our digital camera!! I can officially say my agent is Marietta Zacker, who has been wonderful to work with, easy going, funny and insightful. I can't believe I'm now part of an agency that represents such a prestigious list of best selling children's authors. With a little luck and lots of hard work, I hope do them proud! Many thanks to both Marietta and Nancy. I hate to use the word "exciting" again, but....what an exciting time!!
xoxo -- Hilary


  1. Congrats! That is very exciting, so feel free to use that word as often as needed ;) I know what you mean about all the photos on the camera - I will probably only download them when I run out of room.

  2. Thanks JM!!! xoxo -- Hilary

  3. Congratulations Hillary! What a fabulous agency and agent to be with.

    : )

  4. Thanks Casey! I am so happy to be involved with this agency. They've been just great and so supportive of my work. xoxo -- Hilary


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