Monday, June 1, 2009

Editing is fun???

Some people hate to edit, I love it. Writing the book is a rewarding experience, but when it's finished and it's time to really dig in and make things perfect, that when it becomes the most interesting. It's hard to take a step back and look at your work from an outsiders view, but possible nonetheless. I only need a few days away from my WIP to go back and say to myself, "Man, did you really write that? What were you thinking?"

Editing is more challenging than writing the actual story, at least for me. Editing is making a good story great and great writing fantastic. It's about doing your research no matter how many times you have to go back and change one annoying little thing in order to make it right, in order to make the timeline work, in order to make a detail based on some sort of fact...well...factual!

I just finished my new manuscript, including my edits (at least for now, anyway). It was grueling, but exhilarating. I'm very excited about this one. It's a MG Fantasy with lots of new fangled creatures and unheard of things that go bump in the night, with a scientific twist that took a lot of research and hours with my nose in text books, but so very, very worth it.

My husband gets first read. He gives me remarkable insight, as well as much needed help in double-checking my grammar. After staring at a MS for six months straight, a few typos are rather easy to miss. I hope he loves it. With his stamp of approval it's off to the agent. He's my greatest supporter, along with my best (and worst) critic. He flat out tells me what's good, bad or otherwise. Hopefully he likes surly, blue pig-like creatures that live in junkyards and eat tires...hmmm.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun to read! Especially with the 'blue pig-like creatures that live in junkyards and eat tires'! Talk about a great way to recycle!!! Good luck with it and I'm sure he'll love reading it. :)


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