Monday, December 27, 2010

If You're in Chicago this week...

I will be reading about our favorite bad rat!!
...and are not working this Wednesday the 29th, well then, come see me! Starting at 2pm, I'll be at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago for an Author Afternoon. Penny Golden will be interviewing me about NIGHTSHADE CITY and I'll be reading an excerpt from the book and signing copies thereafter. It should be a lot of fun and I'm super excited to be at the BAC. I was in several plays there as a child, being a Morgan Park Academy alum (and a drama nerd), so it will be great being on the same stage again! I'll have some copies of the book available and it's also available at Barnes & Noble everywhere, if you'd like to get one beforehand. I have no idea if they'll be 10 people or 100, so it will be interesting to find out! Just decided what excerpt I'm going to read...may or may not involve the bad guy above! ;)

Hope to see you there!!!!

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. Sounds like fun! Enjoy every minute of your success. :O)

  2. hi miss hiliary! for sure i could like to be in chicago and hear you read from your neat book. i hope you get lots of people. and for sure i hope lots of them could want to get your book.
    ...hugs from lenny

  3. Mandi Krimms12/27/2010

    I will be there!

  4. Hope you get a great crowd!

  5. Finally! Something in Chicago. LOL. I gotta see how I can escape work.

    Good luck!

  6. Oh man. I wish I could go to Chicago to see that! I finished reading Nightshade City a little while ago and I loved it. I hope there will be much more coming soon. I'm seriously considering getting a full sized rat as a pet now. See what you started.

  7. Have a wonderful time, Hilary! May it be a smashing rat-filled success. :)

  8. Hope it's great. I know it will be and wish I could come.


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