Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And That's What Little Girls Are Made Of!

My adorable niece Olivia Wagner & her friend, Maggie
Just last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago! Usually I talk to adults so it was a great treat for me to be speaking to such a bright group of girls, most of which have read or are reading NIGHTSHADE CITY! These girls were a riot and honestly asked some thoughtful and brilliant questions! I'm still getting used to the whole public speaking thing (at least in terms of not making a fool out of myself!) and these little girls made my day easy! What fun! Thanks to Dave, Terrie and Olivia Wagner who hooked me up with Penny Golden, the facilitator of the event. The Wagner family ROCKS!!

How cute is this little girl?? ;)

This is Elizabeth. She's a Chicago writer who follows my blog and came to see me speak!
How cool is that! You can follow her blog here!
Okay, I have no idea why I'm making such a weird face in this shot, but here is my niece again, at least she looks cute! My husband would tell me that's a face made for radio!
But if we can't laugh at ourselves... :)

Speaking of husbands, here is Eric, Nomi, Vincent & me!
This girl is Penny Golden's daughter, Callie, she's super cute, even though you can't see her face! You see my girl in the background? She stole the show...and a book too! ;)

More book reading cuties! :)
All in all, a perfect day!!!

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. What a beautiful family you have, and how fun to have a book signing with so many great young ladies. I'm surprised there weren't any young men there?

  2. How cool and exciting to see girls lining up to have you sign their books(I mean YOUR book--tee-hee).

    Looks like a fun-filled day as a professional author!

  3. How awesome to meet so many of your young readers. You and your family are adorable!!

  4. I love these pictures. Look at you, Hilary! Living the dream! So happy for you :))))

  5. Aw, those are the sweetest pictures (and girls). You're just beaming, as is your family. This whole post makes me smile.

  6. Melissa, surprisingly, no boys were there, except for my 7 year old son! I'm so glad to know girls like the book!

    Jess, it's crazy. The most awesome thing is when a kid tells you how much they LOVE your book! Goose bumps all the way around!

    Catherine, they are pretty cute, aren't they! They're are funny too! My husband and kids crack me up! :)

    Nicole, living the dream, but still doing laundry and cleaning dishes! That part was NOT in my dream!!! ;)

    Thanks, Tricia! It was such a great day. Those little girls were adorable! They had soooo much to say about writing! One cute little girl told us she read a really old book. It was from 1991!! She didn't understand why all the adults thought the comment was so funny. Ah...to be that young again! :)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  7. What a terrific turnout, although I'm surprised at the lack of boys. Love the pictures!

  8. Woo-hoo! How totally fun. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. :)

  9. Hi Hilary :)
    Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures.
    I'm glad your event was a success!
    + I am still grinning at the "face made for radio" comment.
    Here's to a magnificent 2011!
    All the best,

  10. Great photos, Hilary. I'm glad to hear girls love your book too. I've mostly been selling them to boys.

    Your family looks sweet. Best wishes for a wonderful year.

  11. It was an awesome experience. My first at being a stalker, but I couldn't resist!! LOL. Love the book!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing, Hilary! What a wonderful experience!

  13. Your hair is amazing.

    Looks like a blast! You must have had a great time.

  14. Anonymous1/05/2011

    What a cute family. Looks like you had a wonderful book signing. Yeah!

  15. Thanks, Kathryn! I was surprised too, but I'm so glad these girls are loving my book. They all love Clover! ;)
    Hi Okie! It has been an adventure. Though in the brochures the adventures didn't include diaper changing, groceries and ironing! What the heck? ;)
    RK, I love that expression too! My husband said I can make the craziest faces he's ever seen! ha, ha! It's true too!
    Joanne, that's why I was so surprised by the all girl turnout! I've been getting both boy and girl emails saying they like the book, but lots of girl emails lately! I'm so happy about that, not to mention that you're selling my book! ;)
    Elizabeth! That was so cool when you said, "I follow your blog." First time that's ever happened!
    Sharon, if I'm ever in Iowa, we are soooo having lunch!

    Matt, I was having a good hair day, wasn't I? It was really icky out too, so I have no idea why it stayed so straight! I think my nerves froze it that way!

    Susanne, it was fun! My daughter, Nomi, stole the show though! She came and sat on my lap and all the little girls signing Rudolph to her. It was so funny!

  16. hi miss hilary! wow i could see youre having soooo much fun. those pictures are cool. you sure got a nice family. im just real glad everyone love your book. for sure i do! whens your next time for being a speaker and signin books. for sure you gotta do more pictures and share them out with your blogger friends.
    ...hugs from lenny

  17. Great pictures! It looks like it was fun.

  18. You look like you were having such fun, H-bomb! I can't imagine how cool that would be to have the kids so excited. Congrats.

  19. Oh what fun!!! Thank you for sharing those with us! :)

  20. Anonymous1/09/2011

    Wow, this post had me smiling ear to ear. Thanks for the wonderful pics. Looks like FUN!

  21. Anonymous1/14/2011

    It looks like it was a great event. Your family is so cute. :)

  22. What a fun book signing!!!

    An old book from the early 90s???? Geez, what does that make books from the 60s and 70s- prehistoric?!


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