Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facebook Cat is a Known Liar!!

Now Facebook Cat has to fake his picture on yet
another network. He is not happy....
So, like everyone else (okay, almost everyone else) I was excited about Google+...for about five whole seconds. Is it a cool new tool? Sure. Is it a major pain in the neck to now have THREE different sites to look for your friends and reach out to your network? COMPLETELY! 

Last week, I quickly noticed a dramatic decrease of activity on my Facebook feed, though it has gone back up a lot in the last few days, which leads me to believe that others are as sick as I am of having to jump around. I'm sure they'll build a tool wherein you can be on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter all at once, and already there are a few tools that allow you to link your Facebook and Google+ accounts, but the ones I've come across (and yes, they work) have known security issues.

Hopefully, someone will buy out someone soon, and this post will become obsolete! I'm hoping for a hostile takeover! ;) So, I've just decided I'm not going to care anymore and post where I want to post, because in the grand scheme of life social networking is the last thing I want to be annoyed over. After all, isn't this stuff supposed to be fun??? 

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. Exactly Hilary. My blog first, then tweet the entry, stumble and Facebook it. Then check on FB to catch up with everyone I 'chat' to.

    With Google getting in on the act, I'll leave it a while. FB and them are currently sparring. Think I'll wait until the dust settles. lol :)

  2. Jack, I know a lot of people are feeling the same pain. I think everything will come to a halt soon and people are just going to stay with what they are most comfortable with. I know I am! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh, this is exactly how I feel. I was thinking, oh great, just another social media tool to have to keep up with. It's exhausting right?! I do not think google + is as great as they made it out to seem anyways!

  4. I still don't hardly ever do Twitter. I like to announce my blog posts in AOL dial up chat rooms, though.

  5. I agree. Facebook lost its funness for me in February. I disabled my account and have found life a lot easier. There's a lot of pressure to get your face EVERYWHERE but sometimes less is more. Just do what makes you happy!

  6. hi miss hilary! yikes! im glad im not doing all that net work stuff. i just only got my blog and my email and that as much as i could need.
    ...hugs from lenny
    ps im gonna be checking the mail :)

  7. I so feel the same way. I haven't even gotten on twitter because social networking is taking up way too much time, much as I enjoy it. But like you, I work and I need a life away from the computer.

  8. Matt, seems like a lot of people use it that way lately. I used to be a Twitter nut, but I've calmed down a lot!

    E. You could not have said it better! "Do what makes you happy!" DONE

    Lenny!! Hi dude! It should be there mid-week! :)

    Natalie, life a way from the computer, you say? What is that?? ;)

    Big hugs, everyone!!

  9. It is like a full time job trying to be everywhere at once.

  10. Anonymous7/26/2011

    Blogging is my biggest media thing right now. I mostly use Facebook to post links for my blog and do a quick check on family and friends. I use Twitter to post links to my blog and help fellow writers by retweeting some of the posts that I find interesting. I haven't even checked out the Google+. Spending way to much time on what I'm using now.

  11. I joined google + too, but I haven't figured out anything other than putting my friends in circles (which is kind of fun). I think I'm going to have to give myself a timer on each network...FB, G+, Twitter, Linkedin, Goodreads and my blog. Whew!


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