Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm no Lady Gaga, but I AM a writer!

Don't worry, I'm lip-syncing in this picture, not serenading my poor family or else (trust me) their ears would be covered. That's my 8 year old son's present I'm holding from our very cool Yule. His very first, real guitar! It's fun to pretend to be something you're not sometimes. Here, I'm pretending I can carry a tune!

Very recently I was asked, what I would do if I won a huge lottery, never having to work again. What would I do? Without hesitation, I explained that I would write, write, write, and then, write some more. The response I received was, "Are you crazy? I'd travel the world and do fun and exciting stuff every day of my life! I wouldn't write for anything!" 

I thought the response was just as deranged. I live and breathe writing. If I don't write for a few days I get antsy and annoyed, and I'm just not sure why. It's what pulls me out of bed in the morning (as does my four year old) and what keeps me up late at night. It's what drives my poor husband nuts and what makes me treat my laptop like a member of the family. It has made me a whole person and that's worth more than winning any lottery, though, I certainly wouldn't shun the windfall!  

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. I often dream of winning the lottery so I would have more time to write.

  2. I don't see why they have to be mutually exclusive. I would travel AND write.

  3. Carrie, me too!

    Matt, but of course! That's what laptops are for!!! ;)

  4. I'm with Matt~ travel and write in new locations~ great for inspiration!

  5. Mary Kay Parks1/05/2012

    Adorable photo, Hilary! Looks like you had a great Christmas!

  6. Jess, right now my traveling writer sessions consists of my son's karate classes! Sitting on a bench in Paris, writing, so dreamy.... ;)

    Mary Kay, thanks so much! We had a great time and my lovely husband did all the cooking, so I did NOT hate that! :)

  7. Anonymous1/05/2012

    I definitely think I would write more if I didn't have the financial concerns I do now. But if I won the lottery, I must say that I would travel and do loads of other fun stuff, too. And then write about them.

  8. Emma, for sure! I could totally write & shop at the same time!

  9. hi miss hilary! wow! cool picture! yikes!i cant think of a world without your books so for sure im glad even if you got rich youd still write write write. for me id give away lots of money to help people and animals and id go visit every one of my blogger friends no matter where they are in the world. but for sure i couldnt never stop writing cause its way down in my blood. maybe id buy a whole big publishing company and then everyone could get published and thered never be not one reject. :) happy new year!
    ...hugs from lenny

  10. Lenny, I love that idea! You're one generous guy!!! Happy New Year to you too! Go 2012!!

    DL, keep that lighter raised high!!

  11. First off, depending on how much money I did win... I'd donate quite a bit of it to this organization run by the pastor who officiated my wedding. They dig water wells in third world countries, and repair ones that are damaged.

    After that, I'd build my dream house on a piece of land I could live off of (grow our own food), and OF COURSE travel the world WHILE writing! I couldn't stop writing--I'm with you! These stories need to get out! It's not work... it's love.

  12. Kristin, that sounds like a great and very giving plan! :)

    I picture myself writing on a train somewhere in Europe, surrounding by hills and cottages. ;)

  13. ...cute pic, Hilary. Like yourself, winning the lottery would simply mean more time for creating stories. Oh there'd definitely be some time for travel as well...but that would come later ;)

    And yes, when I haven't written in a while, my wife insists that I hammer on the keyboard for an ease my angst.

    Us writers...quite an odd brew we are!


  14. But don't you see? As a writer you already travel the world! And the worlds beyond! I mean sure, any one can travel the world here and now... and I know that I would enjoy it so much, myself (I would love, love, LOVE to visit Europe someday...) But how many people besides writers and readers can travel beyond this world and into another one? ;) That's the real question. Writing is fun because it's an adventure. And that's why so many people love it so much. ^_^

  15. Elliot, that is awesome that your wife is so supportive! My husband is like that too. :)

    Star, I agree totally!


  16. Oh yeah! Sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, sipping one of those cocktails with the little umbrellas and writing. Writing. Of course.

    That's the ticket.

    Don't know what hubby would do. Snorkel, I guess.

    Love the photo, Hilary!

  17. Anonymous1/10/2012

    Gotta keep writing! Fun photo. Hope your son has lots of fun playing his guitar.

  18. Joanne, that sounds so nice right now. It's going to be in the 20's here in a few days! Brrr!

    Susanne, after he's tires of the xbox, I'm hoping he'll go for the guitar! ;)

  19. great party anyway ;D
    you have a. interesting blog

    1. Thanks so much! I checked out your pictures! They are amazing!!!


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