Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Glutton for Punishment

So, my manuscript, NIGHTSHADE CITY, has been sent to three editors, all at major publishing houses. I'm anxious to hear what their feedback will be. Every author imagines seeing their book on the shelf of a major book store, but I'm trying to be realistic about the whole thing. I do believe my book will be published, but by whom and when, seems to be the cloudy, foggy part I can only daydream about.

Aspiring writers have so many hurdles to overcome on the road to the brass ring--a book deal. First off, we need to find an agent who will stand behind our work, doubling as a friend and a critic, next part, finding an editor who will champion us in the same way. After the deal is made, we then need to worry about our dreaded sales! Please, please be good enough, so we may torture ourselves all over again!!

It's been a tough road, but one I will travel gladly over and over again. I just can't see myself doing anything else. I am a glutton for punishment, after all!


  1. Anonymous5/14/2009

    You will get published! I read your excerpt and fell in love!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Anon!

    That means a lot! Take care! xoxo



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