Monday, May 11, 2009

What the heck is Red Matter??

So, after last week's sad news, I'd like to talk about something lighthearted.

I'm not a huge Sci-Fi fan, I certainly don't hate it. It's just not something I seek out. On Saturday my husband and I had the rare opportunity of seeing a movie sans our two children. I don't think we've seen a movie alone since I was pregnant with my daughter well over a year ago. My husband let me pick the movie and with nothing that caught my eye, I decided on Star Trek of all things. I wasn't expecting much.

To my surprise, this was a great film, the acting fantastic and the characters, dead on. Spock would have to be my favorite, along with Captain Kirk, who at first I thought would just be a semi-good looking, nothing special actor, but he grew on me rather quickly and he played the part well. Spock's character was well developed and added a lot to the movie, while Kirk's was more of the comedic "bad boy", with lots of good one-liners. The story was well structured. It was interesting and somewhat grim, but also had plenty of comedic relief and laugh out loud scenes.

My only complaint would be with the role of the bad guy, Nero. Not the actor's fault, but his character was pretty much your run of the mill, tattoo covered, creepy voiced, Gothic looking bad guy, not too much new there, but he did serve his purpose.

For lack of a better descriptive word this was a "fun" movie. I really enjoyed it and I recommend seeing it if you're looking for sheer entertainment and for something that will leave you smiling and not thinking you wasted $9.00 on your ticket. I don't know how many sequels they'll roll out of this, but they certainly left the door open for a new Star Trek empire.

My only unanswered question: What the heck is "red matter"????

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