Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writing Creepy for Kids Without Scarring Them for Life! | helluo librorum

Today, I'm lucky enough to be the guest poster on Teresa Frohock's fantastic blog, Helluo Librorum! Teresa is not only an uber cool, boot wearing librarian, but she's also a super talented horror writer! Her challenge to me, how do you write for kids without scarring them for the rest of their ever living lives! Good question!

Please check out the post and give Teresa a shout out and follow! Her blog is filled with author interviews of both adult and kid writers and on honing your craft, no matter what genre you write in!

Writing Creepy for Kids Without Scarring Them for Life! helluo librorum

Oh, and of note on this post: I got a hold of Stephen King's IT, when I was about nine. Let's just say...NOT GOOD! I didn't sleep for months! Still gives me shivers!

Happy writing!

xoxo -- Hilary


  1. Sounds like a great topic!

  2. Bonnie Trigg6/23/2010

    Oh, I'll go check out right away!

  3. My friend told me at camp the counselors told scary stories to scare the kids into staying in bed at night. I always wondered why they did that. I'm a little scared for life because of it. =)

    I'll run check out your post!

  4. Really interesting guest post. Although I don't write MG it's good to keep in mind should I venture in that direction. By the way, I love your book trailer--compelling and professional.

  5. I always thought Hansel and Gretel stuffing the witch into the oven was pretty scary and I loved that story. Guess it was preparation for Stephen King later on. I wonder how he sleeps?

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